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Clinical/Management Supervision

Supervision available both to the counselling profession and other work places requiring support for their employees. This can include: Case management, management support, Mental Health issues, staff relationships, time management, work related issues, stress, redundancies, disciplinaries etc

The BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice requires all counsellors to have regular and sufficient supervision.

Supervision is a working alliance between a supervisor and counsellor in which, the counsellor can offer an account of their work, reflect on it and receive feedback. The aim of this relationship is to enable the counsellor to gain in ethical competence, confidence and creativity and to ensure that the counsellor is addressing the needs of the client.

I am able to supervise counsellors, covering a range of therapeutic approaches to :

•Help you feel supported in your clinical work

•Learn the skills and techniques you need to create more effective interventions for your clients and achieve more successful outcomes as a result.

•Improve your confidence with therapy

•Help develop your therapeutic approach

•Share and resolve concerns you have with your work in a safe, confidential and non judgmental environment

•Feel 'stuck' with clients? I can help you to work through this, enabling you to move forward with your clients

•Help you with your professional development

•Help ensure the safeguarding of your clients, including ethical decision making

Workplaces, students and newly qualified counsellors also welcome. 

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