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Counselling/ Psychotherapy- ​Individuals, couples, family groups, work places.

There are a many different types of therapy. I am qualified in the Relational Approach which puts the relationship between client and therapist at the forefront of the work. We will work together to best understand what life is like for you now and how you would like it to be. Once we have met for our initial session we will agree a number of sessions to begin with (usually 6). For some this may be enough, for other many more may be required. Counselling can help with many issues including: Anxiety, sadness, depression, divorce, abuse, habits & phobias, relationship difficulties, stress, work related issues, sexual problems, bullying, fears, bereavement, weight issues, poor health and low self esteem. Please feel free to contact me even if you are struggling with an issue that isn't listed here as we may still be able to work together.


Whether its traumatic bedtimes, managing busy family life, sibling rivalry, difficult behaviours or differing parenting styles in one household, most parents need support at some time. Together we will work out plan of how we are going to make things a little easier. The best way this can happen is by getting to know how things are and how you would like them to be. All my work is bespoke and will be designed for your family. We will agree a realistic set of targets dependent on your own family make-up. Like coaching our work will usually last for a maximum of 10 sessions which we will review some time later. You may be given work to do between sessions that will help you to achieve your goals.

 Where it would be beneficial, sessions can be offered in own home.


Knowing there are things you wish to change in life can be tough. This could include, but is not limited to, changes in work, hobbies, education, fitness & weight, social life and relationships. There can appear to be many barriers to get through or hurdles to jump over. Coaching can help you to identify what these are and how best to deal with them. Once we have met and agreed some goals we will agree a number of sessions. (usually between 5 &10) this allows the work to be structured. Once we have completed our work we may agree to meet for a review session some time later. This can help us to monitor your progress and set some new goals if required. You may be given work to do between sessions that will help you to achieve your goals. Where it would be beneficial, sessions can be offered in own home.


 It can be easy to rush through life without stopping to notice much. Paying more attention to the present moment, to your own thoughts and feelings and to the world around you can improve your mental wellbeing. Some people call this awareness mindfulness and you can take steps to develop it in your own life. Good mental wellbeing means feeling good about your life and yourself and being able to get on with life in the way you want. 

I can offer you mindfulness techniques during individual sessions or by accessing a course of 8 weeks where you will spend time with a small group of people each week, practicing techniques together. 

Workplace support

Sadly it is usual for workplaces to access support only once a problem has arisen. If this is the case, I can offer Critical Incident response and support, staff relationship reparative assistance, counselling, coaching, incident debriefing, support during redundancies/disciplinaries etc

Other services available to workplaces: Supervision, Mental Health awareness and management, team building, coaching, management support etc

If you feel your company has a need, do contact me to discuss this further.  

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